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This program is designed for Telesales Executives and their Team Leaders. Telesales professionals are a unique breed that has to be thick skinned to deal with objections and rejections. They need amazing self-discipline, self-motivation and resilience to keep moving forward through the smoke screen of objections to find sales day in and day out.

They need to be professional listeners and eloquent speakers. They realize that they can only survive in this high pressure environment if they begin to look at the world through their customers’ perspective and act accordingly. They employ proven rapport building telephone techniques to gain trust and prosper. They are masters at the ability to create pictures in the prospect’s mind through what they say and how they say it. To top it all off, they require razor sharp consultative selling skills to solve customer problems through offering the most beneficial solutions.

Training objectives

Get past the gatekeeper with strategy and confidence
Structure calls more effectively
Improve skills in telephone communication
Cross Sell other products if required
Improve questioning and listening skills
Identify customer’s real needs and match with appropriate benefits.
Sharpen their closing skills in order to clinch the sale.
Handle objections effectively and treat them as new opportunities
Build better relationships with difficult prospects using empathy
Recognize each prospect’s unique telephone personality and tailor offering accordingly
Seek buying signals and act accordingly
Employ a Strategic telesales management system
Enhance skills through Telesales and Customer Service training

Request for proposal

Review of expectations and challenges

Participants express their concerns

Engaging and convincing prospects over the phone

How to talk about your product?
Engaging the prospect’s left & right brain

Review of our product features and benefits

Strategizing benefit statements through positive visualization to create desire for the product
Group presentation – Understanding our product and why it is good for the customer to have

Emotional persuasion using empathic probing questions

Triggering desired audience emotions through power words that create positive mental pictures.
Example case – A low impact telesales call
Case study – A high impact call
The art of asking the right questions to identify and understand underlying customer issues
Probing beyond the obvious
Activity – Developing targeted probing questions

Rapport building interactive communication flow

This activity helps telesales agents maintain a meaningful conversation with prospects with a flow that naturally tends towards closing the sale..
  (Breakout Activity-The Diagram)

Developing an engaging voice – A key tool in telesales

Communicating without body language through phone
Articulate speaking
Mastering and Applying Voice Characteristics
Tone, Pitch, Rate of Speech and Volume
Activity – Voice practice through trainer facilitation to develop expertise in expressing emotions such as happiness, sadness, concern, worry, excitement, sense of urgency and more.

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Introducing a very effective Script Dashboard for telemarketing agents
Please view demo video below:

Script development phase

Telesales call flow / structure

Developing a benefit based emotional call dialogue

Call opening
Getting past the gatekeeper / secretary

Getting past the 1st 20 seconds with the right person

Impactful opening statement - This is what makes or breaks a call
Giving the prospect a good reason to continue to talk after the first 20 seconds
Quick examples by the trainer

Selling attempts 1, 2 & 3

Three sets of Probing questions, Emotionally persuasive statements, benefit statements, testing the water questions.

Closing the sale

Closing questions
Strategic ending statement.

Handling objections – Types of objections

Some Common Objections
'I want to think about it.' 'I want to think it over.’
I want to talk to my boss first
Strategizing responses to objections
Creating your own objections list
Strategizing rebuttals and responses
Moving into closing
Role play: Telesales call presentation by selected participants according to time availability

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Shahrukh Moghal training in Malaysia
Shahrukh Moghal

Accredited & Certified by:
Human Resource Development Corporation
Under Ministry of Education, Malaysia

Shahrukh Moghal is a Certified Trainer by PSMB Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Certificate EMP 1654 He has over 20 years of experience in call centre training and training coordination He conducts Certified Contact Centre Professional program subsidised by HRDF under its Graduates ENhancEment pRogrAmme for Employability (scheme for fresh graduates). Shahrukh is actively involved in developing agent and team leader skills in in the contact centre environment To date, he has helped close to 90 large contact centres upgrade the skills of their telesales, customer service and debt collection agents and team leaders.

Shahrukh is the man behind The PLEASE! ™and LEAP! ™Workshops which train frontliners to implement winning Customer Interaction Tools such as to Probe, Listen, Empathize and Articulate Especially in Contact centre customer service, Face to face customer service, Telesales and Debt collection through phone.

His training style revolves around Concepts, Application, Reflection and most of all FUN!! His training sessions are filled with an air of positivity and motivation for the participants.

Shahrukh’s youtube channel including frontliner skills development modules is as follows:

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Recorded live
Emotional Persuasion
Successful & Failed attempts

Training by Shahrukh Moghal
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Recorded live
Impactful opening statement
Telesales call or;
Sales presentation

Training by Shahrukh Moghal
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Recorded live
Structure of a Telesales call or;
Sales Presentation

Training by Shahrukh Moghal
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