Succession planning & talent management skills

Learn the systematic approaches in identifying, selecting, nurturing, retaining and enhancing talents

Organization need to understand the importance of talent and the foundational skills for strategic talent management. The global knowledge economy has changed the rules of competition and organizations now succeed on their abilities to innovate, adapt and execute. These are human attributes that can only be unlocked by leadership, systems and practices that engage and empower great talent.

An organisation's greatest resource should be its people, but too often talent is under-utilised or even ignored. Too many good people are lost through poor planning or a lack of engagement, often leaving organisations without the skills they need to succeed. Managers and teams can often be too slow to develop the people they may soon be calling on to step-up and take on more responsibility.

This 2-day Talent Management and Succession Planning course will equip the participants with the tools and strategies they need to plan for future HR needs and to be better able to build a resilient team. The course explores how to engage and develop staff, and to ensure that the organisation gets the best from its most important resource from the moment they arrive.

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Define ‘talent’ and differentiate talent management from succession planning, replacement planning and traditional processes
Describe key factors and techniques in identifying potential high performers
Identify appropriate recruitment and development methods for your organisation's talent management and succession planning initiatives
Develop talent maps, career paths and remuneration strategies
Manage your own and other key stakeholders' expectations and aspirations of the succession pool
Evaluate the success of succession planning

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Diagnostic activities
Group discussions
Individual reflection.

Who should attend

HR professionals, HR consultants, head of the departments, senior executives and managers eager to improve their expertise in identifying and nurturing and promoting talent in their organization.

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