Problem Solving skills training

Moving into a new norm living with the endemic, businesses need CAPS © (Creativity Applied and Problem Solving) to explore new ways to differentiate themselves in order to survive, sustain and be competitive CAPS © is a program designed, developed and delivered personally by Myocho Kan, the subject matter expert who has been in the creative and innovative fraternity since 1994 This program is a culmination of his hands on involvement in his capacity as a coach, judge, mentor, advisor, trainer and consultant to champions, leaders, businesses, taskforce and special committees, locally and internationally CAPS © is a very practical program, filled with powerful creative thinking models, principles and techniques in creating new ideas that are friendly, practical and result oriented This can be equally applied on the design and development of products, services, policies and procedures.

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Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Determine personal level of creativity
Develop personal sense and skills of creativity
Understand situational dynamics and apply the various creativity processes
Master practical creativity techniques and apply them in solving day to day problems and challenges

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Slide presentations
2-way interactions
Group exercises
Story telling
2-minutes presentations by attendees
Q & A

Who should attend

Managers and Executives

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