Overview of PDPA 2010

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Personal data protection must be perceived as a basic right of the individual that deserves the full protection of the law. In a fully connected world where huge amounts of information are collected, manipulated, used and shared, this is of paramount importance and has prompted many countries including Malaysia to regulate such processing. Data Protection in Malaysia, thus far, has been piecemeal and generally self regulated. However, in keeping with international practice, the Government has decided to regulate the processing of personal data via the PDPA 2010. The PDPA is a compliance statute and requires enterprises to be compliant within 3 months of the coming into force of the Act. This Seminar will give participants a broad overview of the Act and how to institute a compliance programme within an organization. 

Highlights of the PDPA 

It applies to all enterprises that process personal data as part of a Commercial Transaction
The 7 Data Protection principles – the sub- stratum of data protection around the world
Data User Forum - Powers to Industry groupings to self-regulate
Extensive rights given to the Data Subjects to deal with their personal data – empowering the consumer!
PDPA is managed by a PDP Commissioner who has extensive powers to administer the Act
PDPA mandates compliance – non-compliance is not an option
Non-compliance invites criminal penalties - fines and/or imprisonment of senior management

Who should attend

All key personnel in commercial enterprises that collect and process personal data: · Senior management and heads of departments · In-house legal counsel · Risk and Compliance officers · Heads of customer service divisions · IT Managers · HR directors In the following Sectors: · Communications & Multimedia · Healthcare · Retail · Banking · Insurance · Education · Hospitality · Securities · Airlines · Utilities Enterprises that process PD

Program objectives

Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Awareness is key - Get an insight of the various provisions of the PDPA
General rule and exceptions - Learn about the nuances and exemptions tucked into the PDPA from the experts in the field
How does it apply to your industry - Understand sector specific issues and how to get around them
What is the rest of the world doing - Learn from our experts as they analyze similar laws and issues in other jurisdictions and take this opportunity to learn other industry players’ perspective and best practices
Get started within your own area - Gain some insight into handling compliance within your organization and get an overview of how to conduct an internal compliance assessment
What you can do yourself as a Consumer - Understand the extensive rights granted to consumers under the PDPA
The Whip - Learn about the extensive powers of the Data Commissioner to manage the PDPA including powers to audit for compliance and to prosecute

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corporate training in malaysia


corporate training in malaysia

corporate training in malaysia



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corporate training in malaysia

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