Multi-tasking skills

Multitasking has become the mantra of the new millennium . . . a term often accompanied by the cry, “We’ve got to do more with less.”

If so, one thing is for sure . . . yesterday’s tactics won’t get the job done. This timely workshop addresses this reality head-on.

During the workshop you will learn practical skills for managing multiple tasks and conflicting priorities. You will also learn tactics for coordinating multiple projects and juggling competing demands on your time and attention from multiple bosses.

Specific challenges pertaining to the participants’ work environment will be discussed and a solution-convergence process will be used to identify practical suggestions for handling each situation.

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At the end of this journey of discovery and re-discovery, among others, participants will be able to:

Deal with different situations
Stay focused on task
Learn how office automation benefits you
Manage meetings effectively
Discover and manage different personalities around you
Combine similar task to work faster

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Who should attend

All employees from supervisory level and above


Group discussion,
role play,
case study,
self analysis,
experiential learning,

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