Corporate Grooming and Business Etiquette

Your personal journey to enhancing your status and career by looking, sounding and behaving professionally

The way you present yourself in business is an expression of your professionalism and individuality. Your ability to present the right image in business can create exciting opportunities to market your capabilities. This will not only showcase in you being a professional company brand ambassador but will also help to create the right image for the company in the eyes of it’s customers. Could you benefit from projecting a professional image at all times? Would you welcome tools that will help you get new and exciting results in the way people respond to you and work with you? Would you like to communicate the right message about yourself through your appearance, your speech and your behavior so you get the right kind of results? In this workshop you will be shown how to identify your unique strengths, and project your best image at work. The consultant will share with you some tools to create a positive and lasting impression on people who matter in your work and business environment. You will learn to create a great visual impact and project a message that is consistent with your organisation's image.

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Upon completion of the training, the participants shall:

Identify what are the elements of personal branding
Develop an appropriate image consistent with your organisation’s goals and vision
Master the fundamentals of professionalism and business etiquette in today’s Malaysian business environment
Handle social and professional situations with total ease and confidence
Learn to look, sound and behave like a polished professional
Enhance your image by looking professional through various techniques of Personal Image Management – wardrobe strategies, social skills & business etiquette

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The workshop is interactive and participative allowing participants to internalize the concepts and knowledge learnt. There is a mixture of lectures, role plays, discussions, games, group dynamics to integrate learning.

Who should attend

Executives and managers

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