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Program synopsis

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Cohesion, collaboration and teamwork in organizations rest on the foundation of effective communication and interpersonal skills. They form the structure of teams working together and moving out of “silo thinking”. Organizations that get this fundamental principle right usually see results in the form of more than satisfied customers and a healthier bottom line in their fiscal performance. In our insightful and interactive 2 day class, we aim to deliver just that in a fun and impactful forum of activities debriefs and teach sessions. This formula is designed to quantum shift the participants to change gears and work closely together for the greater good of the organization.


This 2 day program is very activity based. We will adopt the following approaches to ensure participants derive maximum benefit from these sessions:

• Learning Activities
• Comprehensive debriefs to drive home learning points
• Role play
• Video learning
• Group discussions
• Dyads

Program objectives

Upon actively participating in this course, you will be able to:

Communicate well and carefully to build rapport
Dove tail learning points to organization’s shared values
Learn to connect and see where the other party “ is coming from”
Understand the difference between facts and projection
Gain tools to build interpersonal rapport to achieve collaboration
Analyze and utilize body language to their advantage
Steer conversations and influence customers favorably
Have the confidence to make more of an impact on their audience.
Use effective listening skills to cultivate respect and bonding with team members
Dialogue with intention to build teams and foster high energy and morale

Our Expert Trainers

Our trainers are PSMB Certified. They possess vast relevant experience in their own specific fields as practitioners and trainers. Each comes with an impressive list of clients whom they have personally rendered their training services to. Trainer profiles are attached with each training proposal sent to clients.

To request for proposal

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corporate training in malaysia


corporate training in malaysia


corporate training in malaysia

corporate training in malaysia



Facilitating Customer Delight through Professionalism in Human Capital Development


To provide leading edge customized training solutions in each campaign
To develop an experienced team of consultants with impeccable knowledge and experience in their relevant areas of expertise


Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity

corporate training in malaysia

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