The modern business world is a rapidly changing environment, so the last thing a company needs if it is to compete in the global marketplace is to get in its own way because of the way in which it approaches the business of looking after its income generating physical assets. So, it is important to have a fundamental rethink of business processes to achieve improvements in cost, quality, speed etc.

The New TPM – Total Productive Manufacturing is a manufacturing led initiative that emphasizes the importance of people, a 'can do' and 'continuous improvement' philosophy and the importance of everyone, not just production staff, working together. It is presented as a key part of an overall manufacturing philosophy.

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Please email Shahrukh Moghal at:shahrukh@contactskills.com

Program objectives

By the end of this program the participants shall:

Workshop methodology

Course methods include a combination of lectures, group discussions, presentation, video-tape viewings and reviews and role-play

Who should attend

The target audiences include ALL supervisors, Executives, Engineers and Managers from Maintenance, Quality, Process, Planning, HR & Safety, and Production. This course is particular useful for companies aiming to improve productivity and also machine utilization to achieve a more profitable and efficient operation as well as transforming the work force culture.


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Please email Shahrukh Moghal at:shahrukh@contactskills.com

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