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  1. Step 1: Pre-training call assessment
  2. Pre-training assessment reporting and tailored training modules development
  3. Step 2: Call agent skills training
  4. Step 3: Team Leader skills training
  5. Step 4: Post-training skills gap assessment
  6. Step 5: One to one individual coaching
  7. Project report development and delivery

The above approach is recommended instead of a one off 2 day training program without accountability from the training firm. Since most call centres have the capability of call logging or recording, it becomes easy to assess pre and post training performance.

We offer the following call centre training programs in order to develop agent and team leader skills and attitude:





P-KAP or Clerical Member of Excellence Program Conducted in English & Bahasa Malaysia depending on the client's requirement

Generally, every employee in an organization has its own role and responsibilities. Workers in clerical group is the largest group of human resources in organizations (especially the profile like a pyramid).With such size, this group would have a significant impact on the position and the organization's success. Therefore, the form of excellence in each employee, especially those who are in this group is not an option, but it is something that is mandatory.Excellence comes in many shapes and forms the primary one is the mind. When the mind is in a positive state, one's attitude has also been positive.In such circumstances, knowledge, skills and experience will be easier to spread and applied - in line with the progressive aspirations and objectives of the organization. P-KAP is a program which is designed to meet the needs of employee excellence.It is an interactive program and be able to drive each of the participants to be at a better level than before.

Program objectives
  • Here are the main objectives to be achieved by the participants at the end of the program:
  • Ability to recognize themselves and use practical techniques to achieve the potential for personal and organizational success
  • Review of responsibility at work and with it, take the initiative to strengthen the critical competencies
  • Builds strong relationships with leaders, colleagues and customers
  • Seeing the organization in a new perspective - beyond just "place a living" - and thus, feel more accountable to achieve mutual success

Who should attend

Clerical members with working experience of 3 years or less



Request for proposal


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Workshop methodology

This program will use the technique of "tell - show - involve" interactive where participants will be given an explanation or a short talk appropriate to the topic. It is followed by examples through statistical models have outstanding individual or organization, video shows and the like. Then, it ends with the appropriate activities (individually or collectively) that enable participants to apply the knowledge and experience in the workplace.



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QUALITY INPUT RESOURCES, through its contact centre partners, focuses on Business Transformation Outsourcing, Consulting and Training. We are intent in enabling clients to positively transform their customer strategy and operations through improving the quality, performance and efficiency of the approach and people in order to deliver an improved customer experience.

Inbound Call Centre Outsourcing including inbound call handling such as customer careline, hotline, registration line.

Outbound call handling includes lead generation, appointment setting, survey campaigns, conference and seminar registration calling, database update and cleanup.

Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)including Recruitment, Staff Management, and handling statutory details. We are currently managing 230 contact centre headcounts under HRO services for one of Malaysia largest telco providers, offshore telco account and national airline carrier

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)is where we help clients build their contact centres, and thereafter help operationally run it for a period of time for success transfer; this is not a service offering but a model/approach that we undertake to do BPO especially true for call center enviornment.